"My name is Ashley Holbrook, I'm a film composer working in Bristol, UK. I bought a Mudpie OD late 2015 and could not be more happy with it. When writing music for films I love to run synth and percussion sounds through various effects pedals, the Mudpie is perfect for adding some warm crunch to lots of sounds. The Mudpie also sounds amazing in a more conventional, guitar pedalboard set up. It was used for some clean guitar tracking on my band Tuskens new 2016 EP. I chose BLM as I first fell in love with the hand painted casings used in the construction of the pedals, it just so happens that they sound as good as they look. I needed a pedal that was going to allow me to create some pleasant distorted sounds for use in films, but also be suitable for jamming on a guitar with an amp. I give 5 stars for price, sound, design and overall customer service from BLM."


"Josh Rowe I'm a bassist, I was aiming for a Royal Blood style sound with my Rig, playing through a pitch shifter, and a second amp, and I needed something meaty to give the 1 Octave up signal some filth! I liked the sound of a Turbo Rat having borrowed a friends, I approached Bob at BLM and he was already working on a RAT clone, he let me pick the colour effect, and it was totally custom, he put a feedback loop in too, which just added more noise! The Service from BLM was great, very personal, and friendly, with regular updates and pictures. The pedal came with some goodies in the box too which was a nice touch! I look forward to my next project with them! 5 Stars."