BLM repairs service

(Bench Fee includes diagnostics and first hour of work.)



Cables and wires

Speical Offer - £15

Have your cables tested and repaired. up to 3 cables can be repaired under one fee. 



Electrical Instrument service & repair

 Bench fee - £35 + £10ph extra + parts

Noticed something not right with the electrics on your instrument? 

- Potentiometer replacement 

- Switch replacement

- Jack/XLR socket reconnect/replacement 

- Pickup Switch replacement

- Pickup replacement (with/without tone&vol controls) 

- Full electronics install



Valve Amplifiers 

Bench fee - £55 + £10ph extra + parts

- Diagnostics 

- Tube replacement and Bias

- Electrolytic capacitor replacement 

- re-wiring and component replacement for vintage equipment

- Power and output transformer replacement 

- Potentiometer and switch replacement 



PA Equipment (solid state)

Bench fee - £50 + £10ph extra + parts


- Cleaning and servicing 

- Physical damage repairs 

- Speaker replacement 

- Power transistors and IC replacement 

- General component replacement and service.

- Power transformer replacement



Other Audio equipment 

Bench fee - £35 + £10ph extra + parts

- Record players 

- Hi-fi systems 

- Speakers 

- Guitar pedals 

- Hardware repairs 



All repairs must be delivered and collected from my Bristol workshop - Please enquire for address details.

If I have not mentioned a type of equipment that you need repaired it doesn't mean that I can't fix it! Please get in touch via my Contact page with any queries.

Repairs may take up to 8 weeks, but can often be turned around within a few days depending on amount of work required and availability of parts as well as the current length of waiting list!